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When Should you Prune Your Trees?


When should you prune your trees? This can be quite difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. If you’re unsure of the benefits for doing so, you might not even want to do it. To help you out, we’ve put together some guidelines for knowing when the right time is!

So, when should you prune your trees?

Damaged Branches

If you see that certain branches of your tree are damaged, then this is generally a great indictor to start pruning. If these branches contain diseases, they can spread to other parts of the tree, so it’s always best to act quickly.

Dangerous Branches

If you notice that your branches are starting to grow too close to power lines, or over your home, then it’s usually a good time to prune them. A lot of accidents happen from large branches falling on top of passers-by. You can prevent this problem by pruning them before they get out of control.

Spring Time

Pruning your trees just before getting into spring is always a great idea. It encourages new growth and flowering. If possible, do avoid pruning during dry, hot conditions. These types of conditions are not ideal for the tree to regrow and develop its branches. Similarly it’s also best to avoid this during harsh, cold conditions in winter. Be sure to pick your pruning season wisely!

What does pruning help with?

Besides giving the tree/plant new life and growth, it is also really effective in removing diseases from the tree. Pruning can also assist the tree in regaining shape, stimulating new growth and in some cases, restricting growth. By regular pruning and removing dead branches, you can also help protect your home from bush fires. These old branches and leaves become fuel for fires, and if left lying around, can potentially be quite dangerous.

The safety factor involved in pruning trees is also very important to consider. This is why at Treeman Melbourne, we recommend that you have a professional prune your trees for you. You should consider finding someone that has lots of experience, and that use the highest quality equipment.

For more information on pruning your trees, have a read of our blog ‘5 Reasons to Prune Your Trees’.