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5 Reasons to Prune your Trees

When considering whether or not your trees need to be pruned, you should ask yourself these questions.

Is my tree looking overgrown?

Do these branches pose a threat to houses or people nearby?

Do I want this tree to grow better?

Is a better view a must?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then chances are you trees need to be pruned. Below we’ve listed ‘5 reasons to Prune your Trees’. We hope this guide helps when it comes to making a decision.

1. Safety

The most important reason for having your trees pruned is safety. When branches are left unmanaged, they may grow out and potentially cause accidents to either people or homes nearby. During the summers, these branches can help perpetuate fires and during strong winds they’ve even been known to get stuck in power lines. It’s therefore crucial that you call in a professional tree pruning company to have your trees pruned before any bad accidents happen.

2. Aesthetics

Although it sounds like a superficial reason, it’s actually very valid. You can dramatically improve the appearance of your backyard and home by having your trees and branches pruned. This simple trick will help differentiate your home from the others on the street.

3. Improve the health of the tree

If your tree has caught a certain type of disease then it may be crucial to have your branches pruned. By allowing the disease to spread throughout the tree, you increase the chances of it being overrun by the disease and ultimately dying. If this happens, the price of tree removal and stump removal will be much more expensive than tree pruning.

4. Aid growth

By regularly pruning your tree you are actually giving it a better opportunity to absorb more nutrients and thus assisting it grow healthier. The tree may be heavier on one side compared to the other. By evening this up, you can prmote the health of the tree and aid in its natural growth.

5. Encourage fruit production

ALL trees that have fruit will eventually benefit from pruning. By regularly pruning the tree you will allow growth of new spurs. By removing old, dead branches, the tree’s health will be improved and the nutrients that it can give to its fruit-growing parts will be increased.

So there you have it! Treeman Melbourne’s 5 reasons to Prune your Trees. If you’re still a little unsure as to whether or not you should have your trees pruned, Contact us via our website HERE.