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Tree Removal in Melbourne – Why you might need it

A lot of homes, schools, businesses and parks are affected every year by overgrown trees. Having a large tree isn’t the problem though. It’s the potential dangers that could arise which are the problem. In response to this, tree removal in Melbourne has been gaining popularity amongst these groups.

When deciding if you should have you tree removed, you need to consider a few things. To make this easier for you, we’ve created a checklist!

Tree Removal in Melbourne – Do I need it?

Is your tree dying or affected by a disease?

To the untrained eye, this may be hard to tell. Essentially, if all the trees nearby appear nice and green, and your tree is brown and without any leaves, it’s usually a good sign it’s dying or affected by a disease. It’s best to check with an aborist first.

Is the tree on a large slant?

If it appears that the tree is slanting to it’s side, it might be time to take it down. This is only if it poses a threat to houses or power lines nearby.

Is the tree blocking a great view?

If your tree isn’t a protected species, you might want to have it removed so you can open your views up. It’s sometimes better for letting more natural lighting into your home, thus reducing energy costs.

Was the tree damaged in a storm?

Some trees that are severely damaged in storms may not have the opportunity to regrow. It’s therefore essential that they be removed before they cause any problems.

Does the tree constantly drop large branches?

If your tree is losing branches frequently, you can either have it removed or pruned. If the tree is in an area such as a park or school, it’s sometimes best to remove it due to the safety factor. When unsure though, you can always check with an arborist.

So there you have it! We’ve provided you with a very general guide for having your trees removed. Although tree removal in Melbourne is popular, there are also certain laws that protect the removal of certain trees.