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How To Best Look After Your Trees This Summer

Summer is fast approaching and according to the weather channel, it’s going to be a hot one.  This means it’ll be the perfect opportunity for family BBQs, beach trips and just lazing about in the pool.  Now then, whilst we’re keeping cool we need to consider how our trees are going to do the same.  Quite often, the heat of summer can be harsh enough to cause severe damage and stress to a tree.  In order to best look after your trees this summer during hot days, summer storms and droughts, there are a few things you should consider.

How To Best Look After Your Trees This Summer

Give Them Mulch

Mulch is a fantastic way to give your trees a break during summer.  Now many people know this, but mulch actually has a wide range of benefits other than making our gardens look a little more attractive.  Mulch can be particularly useful for:

  • Soil retention
  • Reducing weed growth
  • Retaining water and moisture in the soil
  • Regulating the temperature of the soil (keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer)

With good quality mulch in your garden, you can really expect to be giving your trees a well-deserved break this summer.


A slow-release fertiliser will help to provide your trees with the extra nutrients required during summer. Due to trees becoming exposed to wild weather conditions over summer, they’re going to need all the nutrients they can get.  This will also help them if they begin to get stressed due to the heat.


Knowing how much water to give your trees can often be dependent on a few factors.  The types of considerations that should be taken include; soil type, recent weather conditions, type and age of the tree and nearby plants/trees that would be seen as competitors for water.  Ensuring that you regularly provide your trees with water over summer can help them a lot.  Also, it’s good to be wary of the fact that sometimes water evaporates even before reaching the roots!

Preventative Pruning

Preventative pruning can help to protect your trees during harsh summer storms.   By reducing the size of the branches, it’ll decrease the chances of the tree being struck by lightning and also reduce the chances of branches snapping off in the strong winds.

Just Remember …

It’s often best to look into preparing your trees for summer BEFORE summer comes.  Looking for a preventative solution rather than a cure is something that will save you a lot of time and money.

For more information on preparing your trees for this summer, feel free to get in contact with one of our arborists today. Leave us an enquiry HERE.