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Uses For Wood Chips – Treeman Melbourne

At Treeman Melbourne, we have more than 20 years of experience when it comes to tree removal Melbourne.  This also means that we have 20 years of experience when it comes to creating and distributing wood chips.  Over this time, we have to come to learn of several great uses for wood chips.  Whether you’re just using a small pile of wood chips in your back yard, or an entire truck load of wood chips for paving paths, there should be a use that suits you.

Uses for Wood Chips

1. Used as mulch

One of the most common uses of wood chips is using them as mulch.  Not only do wood chips help the plant to retain water and keep warm, but they also serve another purpose which is to restrict the amount of weeds shooting up thorugh the soil.  To use wood chips effectively in your garden, simply spread some across the soil.  You may need to look at using a nitrogen fertiliser depending on the type of plants you have.

2. Fire food

Not only can wood chips provide a source of fuel for the soil, but they are also great at feeding fires. You can try using old, dried-out wood chips to help create a fire.  They tend to burn well and you won’t need to spend money on kindling.

3. Paths

How many times have you walked through a path in the park and your shoes have been left muddy and dirty? This happens all the time when walking on dirt paths.  By spreading the wood chips over the path, you can provide a walking area which won’t completely dirty your shoes.

4. Padding

Wood chips can provide a soft landing space for children playing high-up on play equipment.  By spreading the chips under the equipment, it’ll be much softer than them landing on the hard ground.

5. Decorating your home

Wood chips are growing in popularity , especially in homes as a decorative item.  They can be used in vases to provide solid base support.  They can also be painted and used sporadically throughout the home.

We’ve shared with you 5 great used for wood chips, but there are also many more!  Wood chips are an extremely versatile product, and so their uses are practically endless!

For more information on the uses of wood chips, feel free to get in contact with one of our tree removal professionals.  You may also like to read some more of our blogs HERE.