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How to Know When You Should Have a Tree Removed?

When it comes to knowing when you should have a tree removed, there are generally a few things to consider.  Such things include; council approval, the advantages of removing the tree and also the disadvantages of removing the tree.  You should also be sure of the reasons as to why you want it removed.  All of these things are important to consider as it doesn’t leave as much room for regret later on down the track.

First things first – when ready to have your tree removed, it’s best to call and speak with a professional tree removal Melbourne company and get a quote.  Look for a company that offers excellence as well as a good price.

So, how to know when you should have a tree removed?

Does the tree pose a threat?

A lot of the time, people will have a tree removed because the branches are constantly falling down. Others will get it removed due to the tree growing too close to the house or power cables.

Is the tree dying or dead?

If you’re tree is infected by a disease, or has already died, then you may need to consider having it removed.  By leaving a dying tree in the yard, you are increasing the chances of an accident happening from falling branches.  Furthermore, a lot of dead trees can become home to termites so you definitely don’t want these guys hanging around.

Does the tree block some amazing views?

If your tree is blocking some of your incredible views then maybe having it removed isn’t the only option available.  Tree pruning is a very popular option and it’s not as costly as having a tree removed.  When using a professional tree pruning company, they should be able to cut-back any branches which seem to be blocking your views. Tree pruning might also be a better option as council may not approve for your tree to be removed.  Especially when your reason for having it removed is to just improve your views.

For more information on tree removal Melbourne, or tree pruning Melbourne, feel free to get in contact with one of our friendly arborists today.  We offer fast and free quotes as well as really competitive prices. Our arborists are available everyday so there’s never a bad time to call.  You can leave us an enquiry HERE.