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When is it a Good Time for Tree Pruning Melbourne?

Tree pruning Melbourne has become increasingly popular throughout Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.  There are many reasons for this, and below we’re going to list them 🙂 .  When deciding whether or not it’s a good time for tree pruning, there are several things you should be asking yourself. To help with this process, we’ve decided to create this blog.

Falling Branches

Are you noticing that your house, driveway or backyard are becoming covered in fallen branches?  This is usually an immediate sign of needing to have your trees pruned.  As soon as a tree poses a threat to your safety, it’s time to take action.  With our tree pruning Melbourne services, we’ll be able to help you to identify troublesome trees.

Blocked View

Another great reason for having your trees pruned would be from having a blocked view.  Our tree pruning Melbourne team will be able to prune your trees so that they’re no longer blocking your view.  We’ll also ensure that it’s done in a way that won’t damage the future growth of your trees.  Furthermore, we’ll avoid inflicting any unnecessary stress on the tree.

Improve Property Value

By having nicely kept trees, the value of your property can be improved.  Furthermore, by cutting back your trees, you will be setting your trees up for spring.  A home sold in spring with beautiful flowering plants is a definitely a helper when trying to get more for your property.

Improved Natural Lighting

How many homes have you visited someone’s that relies on the use of artificial lighting to illuminate the inside? A lot of the time, artificial lighting does not need to be used during the day if the home’s windows have access to the sun.  Most of the time, we become lazy and don’t even think to have our trees pruned in order to draw in more light.  This fantastic solution will not only give your home more natural light, but it’ll also help to save on the electivity bills.

At Treeman Melbourne, we offer professional tree pruning services to homes and business in and around Melbourne.  We also extend our services to those in the Mornington Peninsula.  You may leave us an enquiry on our site as well as get a fast, free quote from our home page HERE.