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Five Things That Trees Are Used For

Trees are amazing. There’s no doubt about it. They have a tonne of uses and the most important function is to provide us with oxygen. But did you know, that trees do far more than this? They are also relied upon to provide food and shelter plus much more!

So, Five Things That Trees Are Used For

Provide Oxygen

To help ensure the purity of our air, trees will undergo a natural process called photosynthesis.   Photosynthesis is essential for trees. It’s their way of eating and developing. A tree will essentially use the carbon dioxide in the air as fuel and it will then release oxygen as a by-product.

Provide Food

Trees that bear fruits are essential not only for us humans, for animals also. A lot of animals will rely on the fruit that is produced by certain trees. Some animals even wait for the fruit to fall and rot before they eat it. For each stage of the fruit’s development, there is an animal that will benefit from it.

Provide Shelter

Trees provide shelter for certain animals, and even people. But did you know that they also provide shelter for certain species of plants? Without the presence of trees, there would be large amounts of smaller plants that wouldn’t exist. These more delicate plants rely on the protection and coverage provided by the trees. Without it, they would be exposed to the elements and unable to grow.

Provide Wood

Without trees there would be no means of using timber to construct homes or furniture. Using the timber provided from the trees has been something which humans have been doing for thousands of years. It’s unfortunate that excessive numbers of trees are being cut down each year for their timber, however there are systems in place to plant more of these majestic wonders.

Provide Homes

Trees are used not just by birds, but also snakes, lizards and even large cats. All of these animals, plus more rely on trees as their homes. Not just living on the branches, certain animals will hollow their way into the tree to live. Others will use it as a temporary stay while some will stay there their whole lives.

As you can see, it’s crucial that we maintain and preserve our trees. Without them, we wouldn’t have life as we know it. Here we’ve listed just five things that trees are used for.   In reality, there are millions of things they’re used for. If you’re still feeling interested in trees, be sure to read our blog on What type of tree is a Bonsai?.