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How To Remove A Tree – DIY

For those of you wanting to remove a tree yourselves, this blog is for you. We’ve decided to dedicate an entire blog to help promote how to remove a tree (safely) from your yard. Please note though, if you feel though the tree is too big or cumbersome to cut down yourself, always reach out to a professional tree removal company.

Ok, so let’s do it! – How to remove a tree

Step 1 – Safety, Safety, Safety

Before starting out make sure you have sufficient safety equipment. Ensure that you have gloves, protective eyewear and it’s also a good idea to sharpen your cutting blades beforehand.

Step 2 – Gain access to the trunk of the tree

In order to make an access point to the tree’s trunk you will need to use a pruning saw. Cut through any branches you encounter along the way. When cutting through these branch, start from the underside and cut roughly half way through. You can then change over to the top side and cut slightly until the weight of branch takes over. Generally you will get a clean snap if you do this right.

Step 3 – Get the easy stuff out of the way

Now that you’ve made a nice path to the central trunk you should begin removing the smaller tree limbs. Be sure to start at the bottom. Once you’ve made your way around the tree you’ll notice that you’ve reduced the thickness of the canopy. This makes it much easier to remove the larger limbs in the following steps.

Step 4 – Make a safe workspace

Now that you have some space to work with, be sure to set it up for the following steps. You can do this by removing all offcuts from the base of the tree. Creating a tripping hazard is the last thing you want to do so be sure to compile all the cuttings in a spot away from the tree.

Step 5 – Get the big ones out of the way

Once you’ve made a safe base point and have good access to the trunk you can begin to remove the higher branches. You may need to use a ladder here so ensure it is stable before doing so. Don’t worry about cutting EVERYTHING off, just try to remove the built-up volume of the canopy.

Step 6 – Say bye to the main branches

Once you’ve removed some of the higher branches you can begin to chainsaw the main branches of the tree. Take care when doing this.

Step 7 – Cut back the trunk

You can now start cutting back the trunk. Don’t cut it too short though as you’ll need something to grip onto when you try to remove the stump.

So there you have it, how to remove a tree. If you think you might not be up to the task or if you’d just like to have a professional tree removal company do it for you, then feel free to call Treeman Melbourne. We are experts when it comes to tree removal. You can leave an enquiry on our website HERE.