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Safety Considerations When Pruning Your Own Trees – Treeman Melbourne

Pruning your trees regularly is a great idea! By leaving old, dead branches on your trees you are allowing a higher chance for diseases to affect the tree. By pruning your trees you are removing the excess baggage and this will help promote a healthier growth. It’s also a great idea to prune your trees regularly as you’ll lower the chances of accidents being caused by falling branches. Lastly, by pruning your trees you prevent any cross-growth from happening with the branches. So these are the benefits of pruning, but what safety considerations are needed when pruning your own trees?

Pruning Your Own Trees – 101

Firstly, you should know when to prune your trees. Depending if they are early spring blossoming trees or late spring blossoming trees. Generally speaking, pruning in summer is best if it’s an early spring blossom. If it’s a late spring blossom then you should look at pruning towards the end of autumn or start of winter.

Once you know your season to prune, it’s then crucial that you prepare yourself with the necessary garden equipment for the job. Ensuring that you have a good quality pair of garden gloves never goes astray. Next you should have some good eye protection to prevent any small pieces of branches from entering your eyes.

If you plan on pruning up toward the higher branches we recommend using an A-Frame ladder if possible. This will help give you a good base of support when sawing through the branches. If you haven’t got an A-Frame ladder then a telescopic palm saw or pruning pole will do the job!

Another great tip is to wear loose clothing. This will help in cases where sharp barbs may become dangerously close to you. It can also help if you accidentally miss the branch; the blade will catch on your loose clothing instead of your skin.

Protection against the sun is also a big one. Make sure that you’re well protected if working out doors.

Lastly, ensure that you’ve been explained properly on how to use all your pruning equipment. Don’t just guess because a lot of safety considerations need to be made when pruning for the first time.

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Be safe out there!