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What is a Wood Chipper? – From a Local Tree Removal Company

A lot of the time, people ask us how a wood chipper works and what the end product is. To explain this better, we thought to create a blog that explained the process of wood chipping and what the uses for the final product are.

Before going further, it would be good to note that even though there are a variety uses for wood chips, we’re simply naming the most popular ones. You can always find out more information by contacting someone from our tree removal team.

So then, what is a Wood Chipper?

what is a wood chipper

A Wood Chipper is a large piece of machinery that allows us to reduce pieces of woods (braches or trunks), into small wooden chips. The process involves feeding one end of the machinery with the wood, and then collecting the chips that come out from the other end.

Wood Chippers have been used extensively in the Tree Removal industry for many years now. They’re fantastic for providing a solution of disposing of leftover wood. Not only do they allow us to dispose of the left over wood, but we’re actually able to repurpose it. What do we mean by this?

What are Wood Chips used for?

Wood chips have a variety of applications. You may have seen them in various parks and walkways. They provide a cover for the ground so that you’re not walking on the soil. At the same time, they also allow the soil to still gain nutrients.

Wood Chips can also be used as mulch. Their nutrients are fantastic for helping your garden to thrive. Quite often you’ll also see wood chips being used in children’s play areas. They provide a soft and safe landing area for if children were to fall from heights.

More Information?

If you’re still interested in what a wood chipper is, or you’d like a price on receiving a load of wood chips. One of our tree removal professionals will be ready to take your call. We operate all day, everyday so you’ll never have to worry about catching us at the wrong time. You may also like to see more blogs from the Treeman Melbourne team. If so, they’re located HERE.