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5 Reasons For Stump Removal In The Mornington Peninsula

At Treeman Melbourne, we don’t only focus our arborist services in Melbourne. Our stump removal, tree removal and tree pruning teams can also be found all the way up the Mornington Peninsula. Every time we do a job in the Mornington Peninsula we realise that there are many homes with stumps in their yards. After speaking to several homeowners, we realised that many people aren’t aware of the reasons for stump removal. In answer to this, we’ve decided to put this blog together, ‘5 reasons for stump removal in the Mornington Pensinsula’.

1. Space

Leftover stumps will take up a lot of unnecessary space in your yard. This becomes particularly apparent when you decide to host a party outside. You will notice yourself trying to organise all the furniture and decorations around the stump.

2. Insect Magnets

Have you noticed an increased amount of insects in your yard caused by your stump? This is because the wood will take a very long time to decay and as the process happens it will attract various insects. If you’re not usually outside, then this probably wouldn’t be too big of a problem. Although, if your home is near to the stump then the possibility of these insects spreading into your home is very likely.

3. New Tree Growth

Yes, that’s right! Sometimes when leaving a stump behind you might find new shoots starting to form around the stump. These new shoots will eventually start to absorb the nutrients from the soil which feed the other plants in your yard. It also doesn’t do much for the aesthetics of your yard.

4. Obstacle Creation

By leaving behind a stump in your yard you’re essentially creating more obstacles to avoid. This becomes problematic when you’re walking in the yard and also when mowing the grass. The chances of tripping over the stump or catching your cutting blade on it is imminent.

5. They’re Ugly

There’s not really a nicer way to put it. A left over tree stump isn’t the most attractive thing that could happen to your hard. Unless you use your creativity to build a table out of it, a left over stump is not pretty. You’ll notice the monetary impact of this when you go to sell your property.

If you need any more advice on stump removal in the Mornington Peninsula, then feel free to contact Treeman Melbourne. You can also leave an enquiry on our site here – http://www.treemanmelbourne.com.au/stump-removal-melbourne/