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How Does a Tree Live?

Trees have been in existence for more than 370 million years! It’s truly a long time. Over this time they have perfected the way that they can live, adapt to the elements and survive the harshest conditions known to man. When it comes to day to day living though, many wonder “how does a tree live?” And it’s a great question! In this blog we’ll explore this question a little further.

So then, how does a tree live?

Generally speaking, trees have three main parts. They have their roots, the trunk and branches and their leaves.


In order to hold itself sturdy in the ground, the trees roots will build and grow a complex system of support under the soil. Their roots will sometimes breach the surface but generally speaking they’ll remain underground. With the roots growing every year, they are also used to absorb water and minerals which all help to fuel and nurture the tree.

Trunk and Branches

The tree’s trunk and braches are used to provide the tree with a firm level of support. Think of this as our torso. It helps the tree to maintain structure. Apart from this, the tree’s trunk and branches are also used to carry a watery fluid which is known as sap. The sap will transport water and vital minerals throughout the tree.


Leaves will provide an opportunity for water vapour and gases to pass in and out. The process performed by the leaves is refereed to as photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the plants way of making their own food. The stored water in the plant will be exchanged for carbon dioxide.

Leaves will regulate the amount of carbon dioxide, oxygen and water vapour that they exchange with the atmosphere.

And in short, that’s how a tree will live! Research into trees has never been greater. Everyday scientists are learning more and more things about these precious structures. Without trees we wouldn’t have access to fresh air. Trees are the backbone of our world and for that reason we need to ensure we are always taking care of them!