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5 Fun Facts about Trees in the City

Every day we are discovering and learning new and interesting things about trees.  With tree conservation and a large push for protecting the environment, more of us are discovering the importance of trees.  Besides providing us with clean air and being a source a fuel for many, trees have so many other interesting facts.  Have a read below of our ‘5 fun facts about trees in the city’ and see if you knew all of them!

1. Improved Air Quality

In areas with greater tree canopy cover, the air quality can be improved by up to 15%. This makes excellent “shelters” from the often smoke-ridden, or hazy city air.

2. Improved Mood

Students that have trees or greenery outside their classroom window have been found to achieve higher grades and better test scores. Sometimes, just taking a moment to connect with something natural can be better than spending the day in front of a laptop.

3. Decreased Noise Levels

Where there are 30m of trees, noise pollution can be reduced by up to 50%. This is one of the reasons why you often see large parks in major cities. The trees act as a barrier to shield much of the sound from other parts of the city.

4. Natural Air-Conditioning

Trees are an excellent source of air-conditioning. When trees are strategically placed around buildings, they can actually minimise the need for internal air-conditioning by up to 30%.

5. Increased Property Value

Trees can up the value of your property (particularly around the city). Many people want to live in the heart of a city for convenience and transport. However, most don’t want to give up the feeling of living in a suburban area, and the natural beauty that comes with that. So having healthy, aesthetically pleasing trees can really add to the overall beauty of a property.

Hopefully you’ve learnt something new today about our green friends!  Their presence on this earth is extremely important and so it’s important to always look after them.  Although we are a tree removal company, we strongly believe in the conservation of trees and only removing them on certain circumstances.  This is particularly important when a tree poses a threat to one’s safety.

For more information on tree pruning, removal, stump removal, and other arborist services in Melbourne, head to http://www.treemanmelbourne.com.au/