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Stump Removal in the Mornington Peninsula – Why it’s important

Stump removal in the Mornington Peninsula is a service that we offer and highly recommend.  The worst thing about having a tree removed and not the stump, is that quite often, small tree shoots can start emerging from the stump. For many home owners, this brings them a lot of frustration. Stump removal in the Mornington Peninsula also has many other benefits, all of which we’ll cover in this blog.

Stump Removal in the Mornington Peninsula – why?

Having a stump removed is quite a popular service as it ensures that the tree will no longer grow back. Furthermore, it also has its benefits from an aesthetics point of view.  Leaving a large stump in your backyard can become quite an eyesore after a while.  Furthermore, it does tend to take up much needed space.  You’d be surprised at how much you could open up your yard by simply removing a stump.

Stump Removal – More Benefits

Continuing on as to why stump removal is extremely popular, it also plays a major role in reducing unwanted insects and weeds in the area.  The reason for this is that when a stump is left to rot, it’ll quite often attract various insects.  These can also include termites.  With the introduction of various insects, you may also notice weeds and other unwanted vegetation forming.

Another major problem with leaving stumps left behind in the yard is that they can become a tripping hazard. There are many cases of people falling over stumps and seriously injuring themselves.  That’s why it’s always best to try and prevent an accident if possible.

At Treeman Melbourne, we offer our stump removal services to all homes and businesses in the Mornington Peninsula.  Not only do we make ourselves available every day, but we also offer an afterhours service for when an emergency might hit.

For more information on our stump removal services. You may also leave an enquiry on our website HERE.

At Treeman Melbourne, we can offer a free and competitive on the spot quote for all of your tree/stump removal needs.  Our team of highly trained arborists are all extremely well-trained in this area and we like to maintain our core values of professionalism, efficiency and trust with every job.