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Best Way To Trim A Tree – Treeman Melbourne

When trying to find the best way to trim a tree, you’ll be bound to find various responses.  Some may be right and others not so correct.  The idea is to use a variety of sources and see if you can find a pattern within them.  At Treeman Melbourne, we’ve decided to put together this simple to follow guide on trimming a tree.  Before starting though there a few things to consider …

Best way to trim a tree – considerations

Before even pulling out the tools, you must first decide upon your reasons for trimming.  Will you choose to trim a tree in order to shape it? Are you trying to reduce the size of it? Or perhaps you need to remove disease-ridden branches?  Whatever the motive may be, it’s essential to know it before starting.

Another note to add– if your plan is to trim a tree in order to reduce its size (i.e. remove lots of branches), then you really need to consider the season when doing so.  Picking the right season to do this will help to minimise any stress that the tree may experience during the process.

Planning before trimming

So, you’ve decided upon your reason for trimming and it’s now time to consider coordinating your plan of attack.  What tools to use, which branches to start from and how much to cut.  Generally speaking, the answers to these questions will vary from tree to tree.  A general guide though, is to start by trimming the smaller, outside branches and then make your way closer to the trunk.  As for tools, it’s always best to start with some high-quality and sharp pruning shears and saws.

Just remember …

When you’re trimming your tree, you’re not hacking at it.  On the same note, you’re also not stripping it bare. By wary that without a proper plan, you could leave your tree open to a lot of stress.  Unfortunately, a stressed tree is more likely to develop diseases.

For more information on getting your trees trimmed you can always find some great content on the internet. Just be careful though as you don’t want to listen to the wrong advice and as a consequence damage your trees.

If you feel as though it’s too much too handle, feel tree to contact Treeman Melbourne for a quote today. We’ll be able to guide you in the right direction and help achieve your final goals with the tree. You may also contact us HERE.