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Can you Grow a Frangipani From a Cutting?

Almost anyone that you ask from Australia will be able to tell you that the sight or smell of a frangipani will result in recalling old memories of their childhood.  This is simply because our country is so rich in these gorgeous flowers.  It is of no wonder that a very popular question is “can you grow a frangipani from a cutting?”.  The simple and fast answer is yes!  And in this blog, we’re going to go over this exact topic.

How hard is it to regrow a frangipani?

Surprisingly, it is actually quite simple.  The good thing about frangipanis is that they’re quite resilient.  They’re able to grow amongst some fairly harsh weather conditions. This makes is the perfect plant to spread liberally throughout your garden.

How to grow a frangipani from a cutting?

As we mentioned earlier, this process is quite simple.  All you need to do is make a cutting around 30-50cm from a healthy stem. Try to avoid using young stems.  The idea is to make a cut-off from a stem which is quite mature.

Once you have your cutting, lay the stem outside where it can receive some sunlight.  For best results, it needs to dry out a bit.  You can leave the stem to dry out for a couple of weeks before planting it.

Once your stem has dried out enough, you can then plant it in a small pot.  You’ll notice the stem discolouring slightly and it’ll also begin to swell.  Be sure to plant the more mature end first.  Once this is done successfully, you can water it a bit and wait for life to form.  Once you notice a root system developing, you can transfer the frangipani to a larger pot.

Be careful

Avoid not to water the cutting too much.  You want to keep it hydrated, however not so it’s drowning.  Another important note is it ensure you’re keeping the plant in a warm spot.  Avoid keeping it in areas where it’s going to experience a lot of heat.

Once you’ve done this once, you’ll soon realise how easy the entire process is.  Just try not to get too addicted though!  You’ll also start to be able to play around with various colours. Have a go at matching certain colours of frangipanis with your home and garden.

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