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How to plant a tree

If there’s one thing that we could always use more of, it’s trees. Although there are around 3.04 trillion trees in the world, it’s estimated that 3.5 – 7 billion trees are also cut down each year. In order to help maintain the freshness of the the air around us, and decrease air pollution, it’s essential that trees are constantly planted.

It sounds easy, but do you actually know how to plant a tree?

Step 1 – Dig the right sized hole

A lot of the time, digging the right sized hole is overlooked when planting a tree. It’s essential that the hole isn’t too deep as the root system needs to be exposed to oxygen. The second thing to consider is ensuring that the hole is wide enough to allow for proper root growth and expansion. Usually 3-times the diameter of the root ball or the container should be a sufficient width.

Step 2 – Place the tree in the hole

Take care when lowering your new tree into the freshly dug hole. A few things to look out for would be the direction you want your tree to face, and also if you have burlapped root balls. If you do, simply cut the twine and remove the burlap.

Step 3 – Fill the hole

Gently add the soil back into the hole. When doing so, be sure to pack lightly. If you pack the hole too tightly, the tree’s roots won’t have a proper opportunity to spread and grow. Also, as you backfill the hole, ensure that the trunk of the tree remains straight. You can even use left over soil to create a ‘moat’ around the tree, which will help to keep the water in.

Step 4 – Give the tree some support

If you have a small trunk, one stake should be sufficient. If your trunk is quite long, then perhaps using 2 or 3 stakes would be best. Just place the stakes into the dirt under the newly planted tree. After doing so, tie the trunk (loosely) to the stake and make sure that it’s supported without being strangled.

Step 5 – Water time!

One the tree is nicely planted, you can begin to water it. When doing so, try to add water every day for at least several weeks after planting. Once the roots begin to grow out and absorb nutrients from nearby soils, the tree won’t require as much watering.

Step 6 – Place some mulch

Adding a 2-3 inch level of mulch around the base of the tree will ward off weeds and reduce the amount of water needed.

Step 7 – Add fertiliser

Once the tree has been in the ground for one year, you may start to add moderate doses of fertiliser to it. Doing so before one year can be detrimental to the growth of the tree.

And there you have it! We hope you’ve enjoyed these simple steps for planting a tree. We look forward to seeing your new projects sprout up over the world.