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How to attract birds to your garden – Treeman Melbourne

When you’re wanting to attract birds to your garden it’s essential for you to create a nice, comfortable environment for them.  By considering their needs, likes and possible threats, you will be able to turn your backyard into a beautiful bird magnet.

Attract birds to your garden with food

Possibly the most simple step in this list.  By preparing your garden with the right amount of food, you can almost guarantee that you will see a direct increase in the amount of birds that visit.  But what type of food?  Well, birds love nectar.  Make sure you have lots of native plants in your garden so they can feast upon their delicious nectar.  Secondly, they also love seeds.  The plants will be able to provide these and you can even add more by purchasing a bird seed mixture.  Birds will also eat the seeds of grasses, shrubs and trees.  Lastly, they enjoy eating insects.  These will come naturally as your garden begins to grow and diversify.

Attract birds to your garden with shelter

You need to think about the birds stay.  How can you make it comfortable for them?  If they wanted to live and breed in your garden, what would they need in order to do this?  By implementing various layers in your garden which can be made up on upper canopy, middle canopy, understory and ground stratum plants, you can guarantee that these little guys are going to feel at home.  You can also install a few nesting boxes which are a great place for birds to nest in.

Attract birds to your garden with water

Without water your new friends aren’t going to be too happy.  Ensure that you can keep them well hydrated by installing a birdbath. Maintain it by constantly adding fresh water to it and by also cleaning it regularly.  You wouldn’t want to stay in a hotel with a dirty bath, so don’t make your birds do it either.

Attract birds to your garden by reducing threats

Feral cats and dogs are known for scaring off birds and reducing populations in local gardens.  Make sure that you’re not attracting feral cats into your yard.  If you have a domestic cat or dog, then don’t give them access to your yard all the time. If the birds can’t feel comfortable in your garden, they  willsimply find a new one. Competition is high so you have to make sure you’ve got all bases covered!

And there you have it. Hopefully you can take a few of these tips and start implementing them in your garden today.  A garden with a lively source of beautiful birds is one of the greatest pleasure in life!

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