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5 ways to keep your home safe this Christmas

It’s that time of the year again where family and friends are beginning to gather and reflect upon another year that has gone by. With this beautiful time of the year, it generally brings a lot of happiness and glee. Unfortunately it also has the potential to deliver some dangerously hot temperatures and also strong winds. In order to best prepare for the heat, winds and even expectations that Christmas brings, you should do your best to make sure everything is in-line.

1. Remove all overhanging branches from popular areas

Every year there are reports of overhanging braches falling and seriously injuring (potentially even worse) children and adults. A lot of the time, these accidents could have been avoided, but being such a busy time of the year many of us forget to do these crucial tasks.

2. Remove all leaves from the gutters of your roof

It’s such a simple thing to miss. If you can remember to get the leaves from your gutters removed, then this will significantly assist you with preventing accidental fires from happening that are usually caused from hot weather conditions. Not only will your gutters be able to do their jobs again, but they will be safer and aesthetically more pleasing.

3. Remove hazardous tree stumps

Besides taking up precious space in your backyard, tree stumps can actually become quite hazardous if left unremoved. A lot of the time new visitors to the house may not realise that they’re there, and so the tree stump may just be another obstacle in the backyard. Tree stump removal is also necessary as the tree may actually start to grow again.  It also provides an entertainment ground for insects and mosquitos! Lastly, tree stump removal should be considered based on the sheer fact that they are not aesthetically pleasing – and it is Christmas, so impressing guests is a must!

4. Tree pruning to improve the look of your yard

Tree pruning will help your yard look more attractive to your guests.  It’ll also prevent debris from falling on your food and in your drinks when celebrating Christmas lunch. Furthermore, tree pruning is great for allowing more natural lighting into the backyard.

5. Tree removal (if necessary)

If you have a particularly large tree in your backyard that poses a potential threat to not only your home, but to your neighbours home, then it’s highly recommended to have it removed. When a tree beings to impose a threat to other homes, it becomes an even greater liability. Solving this problem quickly and before any accidents happen is always the desired result.

So there you have it! From all of us at Treeman Melbourne, we sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed our ‘5 ways to keep your home safe this Christmas and wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

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