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How big is the biggest tree in Victoria?

When in search for the biggest tree in Victoria, it’s important to consider two main things; the height and the circumference. And the Ada Tree, located just outside of Melbourne certainly has both.

Whilst walking through Warburton Valley’s Yarra State Forest, you’ll be able to grace yourself with the presence of one of Victoria’s BIGGEST trees. It’s referred to as the Ada Tree, and it’s definitely nothing short of spectacular.

So then, exactly how big is the biggest tree in Victoria?

Whilst the exact height has not yet been determined, it’s expected that the Ada Tree is around 76 meters tall and has a girth of 15 meters. This is huge.

When considering the size of the Ada Tree, try to envision a full-sized AFL field. The height of the tree is just over half the size of an AFL field. And now think about its girth. It would be possible to line-up 50 Subway Footlongs around the body of this enormous Mountain Ash.

How to get there?

Getting to the biggest tree in Victoria is quite easy if you’re going from Melbourne. Yarra State Forest is around 100km from the centre of Melbourne. Once you’re there, you can take a beautiful stroll through this magnificent forest before arriving to the Ada Tree (roughly 1.5 hours round trip).

Did you know?

Besides being more than 300 years old, it is estimated that the Ada Tree weighs around 1130 tonnes!! That is roughly 10 times heavier than a full-sized Blue Whale.

Now lets talk about the root system. It’s also estimated that the Ada Tree root system spans across more than one acre of land.

Finally, with the 820 cubic meters of timber in the tree’s trunk alone, it would be possible to build 66 homes!! Now that is definitely a big tree.

Thankfully though, the Ada Tree is located in the comfort of the Yarra State Forest and doesn’t pose a threat to any nearby homes or power lines. If you feel as though you may have a tree, which if left unkempt, could grow out of control and transform into something like the Ada Tree, then it’s best to call out a Professional Tree Removalist to assess the situation. When trees begin to grow too close to our roofs and near power lines, they have the potential to cause serious damage. So just remember, a prevention is always better than a cure and at Treeman Melbourne, we’re ready to help prevent these problems from happening.