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What is the World’s LARGEST Tree Borne Fruit?

Grown in multiple countries across the world, there is a fruit that out grows all other tree borne fruit. Any idea of what it’s called? It’s referred to as the world’s largest tree borne fruit. But exactly how large is it?

The size?

Depending on the age and ripeness of the fruit, it can grow up to 90cm in length and around 50cm in diameter.

Still not sure what fruit it is?

The weight?

The world’s largest tree borne fruit has been record to weigh up to 35kg. Considering the average weight of a plum is around 90g, this fruit is MASIVE.

Where to find it?

There are multiple countries that grow this fruit. The most popular ones being Brazil, India and countries throughout South East Asia and Easter Africa.

Still unsure what type of fruit it is?

It’s a Jackfruit! The jackfruit is the world’s largest tree borne fruit. This fruit can grow off the branches and trunk of the tree. The nutritional value of the fruit is immense. One serving of jackfruit can have anywhere up to 75 calories. It’s almost as filling as the staple foods such as rice and corn.

World's Largest Tree Borne Fruit

Where to buy jackfruit?

Although obtaining a fresh jackfruit in Australia may be a little difficult, there are various websites where you can order the fruit in dried form. It’s extremely versatile and is used a lot in many dishes. Based on the fruit’s nutritional value and versatility, it’s expected that it will be utilised more in various recipes.

If you dig deeper in the Internet, it might also interest you that some people are trying to grow jackfruits from their home! There are certain pieces of equipment you can buy to help grow the world’s largest fruit. It might be a good idea to check with your local laws on this one though. There may be restrictions in harvesting certain fruits.

Hopefully you’re ready to being your day with a little more knowledge! Maybe the next time you’re looking for a mystery ingredient to throw into your cooking mix, you can try a jackfruit!


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