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What does a Tree Removal Company do?

A lot of the time we get the question, “what does a  tree removal company do?”. Although to some it might seem obvious, there is actually a whole lot more to it. Put simply, a tree removal company would focus primarily on removing trees. The other part of the business comes with other services. These includes; stump removal, tree pruning, land clearing, stump grinding etc.

Does a tree removal company just remove trees?

If a tree removal company focused only removing trees, they would run out of work very fast. The idea is to have variety in the company. When finding a suitable company for yourself, ensure they have a wide range of skills. A high quality company will have the machinery and manpower necessary to perform all things trees.

What are these other services?

A tree removal company will generally be highly skilled in the areas of stump removal, stump grinding, tree pruning, land clearing, mulching and transplanting. Treeman Melbourne have over 20 years of experience in all these fields!

Quite often we’ll get called for a job which may appear like a simple tree removal. This later turns into a possible stump grind/removal and maybe even some mulching too. Sometimes, we can save our client’s trees by just providing them with tree pruning services instead. It all depends on the tree, the location of it, and the danger it possess of being where it is.

Where to find a good company?

Google is a great place to start! Generally a good tree removal company will have reviews on Google. Be sure to check these before hiring. You should also call the company and ensure that you are speaking with a local arborist, as it’s crucial they know your area and the types of trees in it. Lastly, you can always search on social media. A well-updated social media account with valid reviews may very well assist you when it comes to choosing your next tree removal company!

We’ll be ready to take your call and offer the best advice possible.