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Trees That Are Great For Privacy – Treeman Melbourne

When it comes to trying to give your home a level of privacy that is desired by many, it’s crucial that you consider the use of trees.  Although fences are effective in blocking a view, they are also very restricted in height. Furthermore, they can be quite costly to install and later maintain.  By selecting the right trees to keep your home private and hidden, you can save yourself a lot of money whilst also creating a beautiful privacy wall of trees.  For this reason, we’ve decided to create this blog on ‘trees that are great for privacy’.

Our Top Trees That are Great for Privacy

Hybrid Poplars

The Hybrid Poplar is an extremely popular choice when it comes to providing privacy.  Perfect for handling hot and cold temperatures, the Hybrid Poplar also has an extremely fast growth rate.  This means that it’ll be great for blocking the view of neighbours that are a little higher up.

Leyland Cypresses

The Leyland Cypress trees provide a very attractive green, which is feathery and soft.  These trees are great for trimming and shaping, as they’re generally quite easy to work with.  If you don’t want to shape them, then that’s ok also!  They will take on their own beautiful shape.

Willow Hybrids

The Willow Hybrid is another extremely fast growing tree that can withstand a variety of weather conditions.  This particular type of tree is capable of providing a complete screen around your property.  The strong nature of the tree means that it won’t require too much maintenance and branches being broken off due strong winds will almost never be a problem.

Thuja Green Giants

This is probably our favourite of them all.  The Thuja Green Giant has the ability to grow up to 5 feet per year.  It doesn’t take long for it to therefore reach its maximum height of around 40 feet.  This particular type of tree has been known to be quite pest and disease resistant also! It therefore makes it the perfect add-on for any privacy wall.  The Thuja Green Giant makes the need for a fence almost redundant.

So there it is, this is our list of preferred trees that are great for privacy.  If you require any more advice on selecting some great trees for this, then feel free to speak with your local arborist.  For more interesting blogs on trees, you may also want to check out our Treeman Melbourne Blog section HERE.