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2 BIG ways that Melbourne Tree Pruning can increase the value of your home

There are many tips and ticks to use when it comes to trying to increase the value of your home.  One of those that we’ve assisted with many a time is Melbourne tree pruning.  Did you that by keeping your trees and plants organised that the value of your home can improve significantly?  We’ll go into this in further detail below with two top Melbourne Tree Pruning Tips.

Melbourne Tree pruning to improve your views

Quite often our kitchen windows, bedroom and even bathroom windows have branches outside of them that block an amazing view.  Some home owners don’t even realise the views they could have if they simply got these branches pruned.  Tree pruning does have to mean removing branches from areas that pose a threat to passers-by, you can actually do some really great things with it.

If you feel like you have a view that is being blocked by some unwanted branches, then it’s best to get them pruned.  You’ll be surprised at what a difference this can make with the value of your property. Furthermore, by pruning the trees that are blocking views from within your house, you will actually allow for more natural light to fill your home which is something very desirable for most.

Melbourne Tree pruning to improve aesthetics of your home

How many houses have you visited their yard looks like a jungle?  By simply getting your trees pruned you can make your home appear organised and professional.  The problem that most of us have is that we stare at our trees everyday.  It’s hard for us to notice or imagine any changes that could improve the aesthetics of your home.  This is why many people will call tree arborists.  By calling in a professional tree pruner that has never been to your home, they will be able to identify immediately which branches to remove in order to improve the visual appearance of your home and yard.

When wanting to get your tress truned, it’s always possible to do so on your own.  If this is your plan, we recommend to use the correct cutting equipment and all necessary safety equipment.  Also, if it’s something you plan on doing to help improve the value of your home make sure you take your time with it!  By not planning your pruning process you can leave your trees looking a little worse for wear.

If you need some extra hands on the job then feel free to reach-out to our professional tree removal team.  At Treeman Melbourne, our professional tree pruning team will be ready for whichever job; big or little. For more information on Melbourne tree pruning, feel free to read our Why Tree Pruning in Melbourne is Getting More Popular blog.