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Top 5 Indoor Plants That Don’t Require Sunlight

So, it’s coming to that time of the year where you’ve seen all your friends get indoor plants.  Their home receives a generous amount of sunlight and as a result, the combination of attractive plants has turned into a setting that looks like something from Jumanji.  Filled with envy and inspiration, you return home to start the planning phase of picking out your top plants and then, the reality sets in as you remember that your home doesn’t actually receive any sunlight.  Your imagination and aspirations begin to wilt, just like a flower headed into autumn.

If you’ve found yourself in the above situation, the good news is that you still can fill your home with a stunning array of flora without the need of direct sunlight!  Below we’ve listed our top 5 plants for keeping indoors AND that don’t require sunlight.


(Balcony Garden Web)

The Bromelia is a gorgeous plant that is perfect for the indoors.  Being a tropical plant, this still won’t stop you from growing it inside a container which is covered by shade.  Picking out a Bromelia that offers dark red and orange flowers is that way to go!

Peace Lily


Acquiring a Peace Lily is a decision you’ll surely not regret.  This plant is perfect for anyone that easily forgets to water their plants. These natural air purifiers aren’t interested when it comes to sunlight or much water.

Dumb Cane (Dieffenbachia)


The Dumb Cane is generally considered a crowd favourite.  Although you won’t be expecting a season of colourful flowers with this one, you can definitely expect a gorgeous sea of large, green leaves. The Dumb Cane is another very easily satisfied plant.

Dragon Tree


The Dragon Tree is another great option for those of you that are quite forgetful when it comes to watering your plants.  It’s also the perfect companion to have in your home as it does not like sitting in direct sunlight.  Keep your Dragon Tree perched on top of a neat stand and let it sit whilst the compliments roll in.

Snake Plant


The Snake Plant gets its name from the interesting striped patterns that form on its elongated leaves. Leaving these plants alone for a few weeks will not be an issue.  In fact, you’ll notice some interest patterns emerging from its leaves as time goes on.

And so there you have it, our top 5 indoor plants that don’t require sunlight.  Be sure to let us know which ones you end up choosing.  For more interesting articles like this one, feel free to visit our Treeman Blog page HERE.