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5 Reasons to have a Stump Removed

Perhaps you’ve had your tree removed and what’s left is a giant, eye-sore of a stump. Many think that stump removal may be unnecessary or a waste of time. At Treeman Melbourne, we beg to differ. In this article we’re gong to explain ‘5 Reasons to have a Stump Removed’.

1. New trees can grow

A lot of the time, leaving a stump in the ground will provide an environment for new sprouts to shoot up, thus providing the opportunity for new trees to grow around the stump. This may not seem like a problem at first, but these new sprouts are gong to need nutrients in order to grow. How will they get these nutrients? They’ll simply leech them from nearby flora.

2. Insects like stumps

When a stump is left in the ground for too long, it’ll begin to decay. This is what insects love. By not removing your stump you can expect to see an influx of beetles, termites and ants. Although they don’t seem too noxious when taking refuge in a stump, it’ll only be a matter of time before they spread to your home.

3. Accidental damage to the lawn mower

Although it seems like an easy one to avoid, there are actually lots of cases of when people having run over their stump whilst cutting the lawn. The damage that their machinery faces when impacting with a solid stump works out to be far more expensive than having the stump removed in the first place. When your grass gets long you can often forget about the nearby stump and this is when accidents occur.

4. Stumps will take up space

Unless you’re blessed with tonnes of acres, chances are your backyard is limited with space. If this is the case, having a stump or two that haven’t been removed may be quite problematic when setting up the outdoor dining table, or planning for a Christmas party.

5. Stumps will become hazardous

If your lawnmower hasn’t hit it, then chances are someone will trip over it. By avoiding stump removal, you’re increasing the likelihood that a child or loved one will trip over this obstacle. Many parties have been called off early purely because a serious injury had arisen from someone breaking a bone after tripping over a stump.

Well, there you have it. Treeman Melbourne has recognised 5 reasons to have a stump removed. But these 5 reasons are only at the tip of the iceberg. Many more are out there, and we’re hoping that we won’t have to write about these also – hopefully a stump removal specialists will have prevented any more of these problems from happening.

If you do have a troublesome stump to be removed, then feel free to call Melbourne’s tree and stump removal specialists. Contact Treeman Melbourne through our website HERE.