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How to Straighten a Leaning Tree

Have you ever wondered how to straighten a leaning tree?  It’s something that affects many homes and it can sometimes be easily fixed!

If you’ve recently planted a tree and you’re noticing that its starting to take on a bit of a lean there are several things you can do yourself to help straighten it. If however, the tree is quite mature and it’s developed a particular lean overtime, then this may be slightly harder. You should also bear in mind the roots. If the roots are well exposed, and the tree is on a massive lean then the tree may have to just be removed.

The following tips will be for trees that are still quite young. We’re also going to presume that the roots are not overly exposed.

So, How to Straighten a Leaning Tree

Staking / Guying

Staking a tree, or guying a tree is the most common way to straighten a leaning tree. A lot of saplings will have stakes placed near them which will help to encourage a straighter direction of growth. Although some arborists don’t recommend staking, it may indeed be necessary depending on the situation.

Transplanting your tree to another location

A lot of the time a tree can develop a lean from the lack of solidity in the soil below it. If you’ve noticed that the area of dirt below the tree’s roots is quite soft, then this might be a good sign to have the tree transplanted. You should look at transplanting the tree to an area with firmer soil.

Don’t remove the stakes too early

It’s quite often that someone will remove the tree’s stakes and the tree will begin to lean. A lot of the time it’s believed that a tree is ready to support itself very early on. You should pay close attention if you remove the stakes supporting a tree as they can tend to lean after doing so.

Reconsider your stake placement

Another big contributor to a leaning tree is by having poorly placed stakes. You should ensure that your stakes are all set-up accordingly. If your tree is staked incorrectly it may begin to lean after several months. A lot of people won’t notice this because they think the stake will take care of the work. This is why it’s so important to have it staked properly!

Hopefully this blog has been able to give you some reasons and solutions to your leaning tree dilemma. There are plenty of resources out on the internet to help you through with this, but it’s important to make sure you’re using a reputable resource. Feel free to contact Treeman Melbourne if you’re still stuck with a leaning tree and you’d like some expert advice. You can leave us an enquiry HERE.