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Does a Tree Stump Grow Back? – Treeman Melbourne

A lot of the time we get asked the question “does a tree stump grow back?”.  It’s a question that many people ask that have had a tree removed. It’s usually the question that leads them to deciding whether or not they’ll get their tree stump removed also.  So what is the answer then?  In this blog we’re going to talk about what happens to a stump after the trunk has been removed.

So then, does a tree stump grow back?

When a tree has been cutback to the stump, a few things can end up happening.  Depending on the type of tree you’ve had removed, how far down it’s been cut, and how tenacious it is, you’ll notice a few things that can begin to happen.  The first is to see plants, weeds and shrubs shooting out from the stump.  Another thing you may notice is the start of another tree coming through also.

At Treeman Melbourne, we’re constantly hearing stories of people that have had a tree cut down in their garden and a few years later they’ve noticed another tree growing in its place. And it’s not uncommon.

What happens to a tree stump after the tree is cut down?

Depending on how far down the trunk has been cut, an untreated stump will usually attract unwanted visitors – it’s quite common to see an increase in the amount of insects in the garden.  Furthermore, as we mentioned earlier, it’s also very common to see new shoots coming through the stump.  Due to the root system being very alive, by simply cutting down the tree you won’t actually be killing it.  The root system will draw all the nutrients it can in hope to sprout new life from the stump.

Best solution?

If you have spent money to have your tree removed, then it’s always best to get the stump removed also. A lot of arborists may offer a deal when it comes to tree and stump removal if you do them both at the same time. Another option instead of stump removal is stump grinding.  Stump grinding is a very effective way to help ensure that a tree won’t grow back in the absence of the cut one.

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