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Can You Judge a Tree From Its Cover? – Melbourne Tree Removal

A lot of the time, people are unsure about the state of their tree.  Many will mistake a tree for being healthy when it’s not.  Others will treat a tree as though it has died when it hasn’t.  Therefore, knowing whether or not your tree is healthy is crucial in deciding whether or not it needs to be removed.  If your decision for Melbourne tree removal is based on the belief that your tree has died, you would want to be certain before calling in the professionals.

Melbourne Tree Removal – Do you need it?

Judging a tree by its cover could be a costly move.  Many times we’ve gone out to properties that have wanted to have a tree removed because they thought it was dead.  Upon arriving to the property, we can almost instantly tell if the tree is alive or not. Such checks include scratching back the bark to see if it’s green on the inside.
A lot of the time, a tree may have a disease. For that reason, the branches and leaves may have begun to die.

Melbourne Tree Removal – Why would you need it?

A lot of people seek tree removal services simply because they no longer want the tree in their yard. Other reasons are generally safety orientated.  Trees that have died may pose a big threat to passers-by as they are usually prone to having falling branches. If your tree is constantly dropping branches near either your home, family or power lines, then this is usually a great sign to have it removed.

Hidden problems?

Going back to our topic of not judging a tree by its cover, you should not be so trusting of every green tree either.  Some trees that are heavily affected by termites may still boast beautiful green leaves.  It’s therefore imperative that you know what signs to look for when it comes to termite infestations.  As you leave termites for a longer period of time, the tree will eventually begin to die and the signs become more obvious.  Checking early though, and applying termite treatments may be key in saving your tree!

For more information on our Melbourne tree removal services, or if you’d like a hand in checking the health status of your trees. One of our friendly arborists will be able to assist you on all days of the week!  You may also contact us on our home page HERE.