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5 Easy Herbs To Start Growing As Of Today! – Treeman Melbourne

With Spring truly set in place, it generally brings about feelings of extending (or even creating) your own garden.  The cold, gloomy days of Winter have passed and the desire to get that gardening hat out grows immensely.  What a better way to get your garden happening than by planting 5 easy herbs!

5 Easy Herbs To Start Growing As Of Today



Thyme is an all-time favourite herb to have when cooking.  It adds an amazing flavour to your food and it’s also incredibly easy to grow.  When growing thyme, try to give it some sunlight. They generally prefer some sun and as well as a bit of shade.



You can’t have a herb garden without some basil!  Like thyme, basil is also particularly easy to grow and is a great companion to have in the kitchen.  Basil does thrive off sunlight, so try to give it what it wants.



Another sun-lover, oregano, is again a great addition to the herb patch.  Oregano not only makes for a fantastic herb on a pizza, but it also has some interesting medicinal properties.  The extracted oregano oils can be great for various skin conditions as well as acting as a natural insect repellent.



Parsley goes well with almost any veggie dish.  Pesto, tabouleh and salad dressings are all but some of the creations you can make with parsley.  This herb is also fond of the sun, so try to not keep it overly hidden.  Not many know this, but parsley is also a strong anti-oxidant!



The trick with peppermint is trying not to grow too much.  This little herb loves to grow and if not kept under control, it’ll likely take over your garden. Peppermint usually prefers damp soil with little sun, but to be honest, it’ll take what it can get. Try using a container to grow your peppermint in so it doesn’t take over your other herbs!

So, there you have it, our 5 easy herbs to start growing as of today.  Regardless of the conditions you keep these herbs in, you shouldn’t have too much trouble in taking care of them.  If something goes drastically wrong, the good thing to know is that their germination period is usually around just a couple of weeks; so, you can start again if need be!

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