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Why Are Trees So Important? – Treeman Melbourne

Why are trees so important? Did you know that trees are the biggest plants on the planet?  Not only do they store carbon, provide us with oxygen, help to regulate the soil and give life to the world, but they also play a major role in providing us with shelter, resources and tools.

As well as being the longest living species on earth, they play a major role in providing us with life. Without trees, we wouldn’t have anything. So much about history can also be learnt from them.  Their ability to washstand extreme climates and to constantly repopulate is something to truly admire.

Playing such an important role in our community, country and world, it is crucial that we look after our fellow trees.  Although our business is built around tree removal, this is on a very small scale where most of the trees we remove pose a threat to passersby, homes or power lines. As for large-scale deforestation, it’s imperative that sustainable approaches are taken as to not deprive our world of trees.

Why Are Trees So Important? – they bring life!

Trees live by absorbing carbon dioxide.  If this didn’t happen, we would all eventually suffocate from the air in which we expire.  Furthermore, they act as a hub for many microhabitats.  Hosting breeding grounds and nutrients for birds, insects, beetles and even fungi, these microhabitats wouldn’t exist without trees.

On a larger scale, trees covering a large area such as a rainforest or park will provide life to much larger animals.  By providing shelter, a source of food and even protection, trees perpetuate life as we know it in the outdoors.

How trees benefit our health?

When trees grow to form a canopy, their branches tend to act as a barrier.  They block out pollutants from entering whilst at the same time they provide fresh air to those within it.  Some research even shows that when someone immerses themselves in a green space that they will almost instantly experience a drop in blood pressure and in an increase in calmer feelings.  Pay close attention to how your body feels the next time you enter a large green space!

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