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What is Tree Lopping? – Treeman Melbourne

Tree lopping is essentially a haphazard way to reduce the size of a tree.  What do we mean by this?  Tree lopping generally refers the indiscriminate removal of branches with the main purpose of reducing the size of the tree.  A lot of home owners will ‘hack’ or ‘top’ the branches that are blocking their views or that are getting in the way.  Although there has been lots of research into the harmful effects that lopping can have on a tree, many still seem to go ahead with it.

What are the effects of Tree Lopping?

As we mentioned earlier, Tree Lopping can have several negative effects on a tree.  A lot of the time, the majority of the foliage is removed from a tree when lopping.  When this happens, the tree essentially starves as they use their leaves to help produce some of their food.  This naturally puts significant stress on the tree.  As this happens, the tree goes into ‘survival mode’.  The tree will try to grow out as many leaves as it can in a short period of time.  As it does this, the tree can become susceptible to dying or becoming seriously weakened if it doesn’t have the sufficient energy stores for this task.

Furthermore, depending on where the branches are cut may have a significant effect on the way they grow back in the future. Also, if the branches are still there, but the leaves that sheltered them are gone, then this puts the branches at risk of getting sunburnt.  Yes, just like humans, trees can feel the effects of the sun also.  Sunburn can eventually lead to bark splitting, cankers and even the death of various branches.

Alternatives to Tree Lopping

Tree Pruning.  If you have a tree that seems to be blocking your views, or you simply want its size reduced then we always recommend to hire an arborist.  By hiring a professional arborist you can rest assured know that your tree will be in good hand.  An arborist and their trained crew will be able to determine the most suitable branches and parts to cut.  They’ll also be equipped with all the necessary safety equipment, which is very important when it comes to tree pruning.

For more information of alternatives to tree lopping, you can always get in contact with Treeman Melbourne.  Our team of professional arborists have more than 20 years experiences when it comes to tree pruning and removal.  We’ll be able to give you a fast quote and on most occasions get the job done on the day.