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The History Of Tree Houses

For many of us, a backyard tree house was something we longed for as children. We imagined what it would be like to enter this new world of dark brown bark and wood, hidden amongst the deep green foliage. But where did tree houses come from? What made them the utopian backyard playground we imagine them to be today?

Well, historically, tree houses have actually served two purposes; living and pleasure. For many, many thousands of years, tree houses have been used as living spaces in parts of Asia. This was because either the ground was too harsh an environment due to other plants or even animals, or because of the potential threat of floods. Often the houses were connected with wooden bridges and inhabitants would pulley themselves up to their tree houses.

Other Uses?

But aside from living in them, a tree house has long been a place of fun and entertainment. Dating all the way back to the Roman Empire, where they were used for recreation. Tree houses can also be found in Renaissance Italy. Wealthy families would build them in their gardens, and also in 17th century England. However, it wasn’t until the 19th century that tree houses really became popular amongst the masses, particularly in France. The high number of large chestnut trees led to hundreds of tree houses being built, some large ones even having restaurants inside them.

In today’s society, tree houses have been popular due to television shows and movies.  This also includes their image of being a “natural” source of family fun. Furthermore, locations in Asia, South America, and Europe have capitalised on the fun and unique world of tree houses.  They have even created hotels and resorts where guests can sleep amongst the canopies.

Whether it’s for practical use, or simply for joy and entertainment, tree houses have been around for almost as long as human beings have been building. Like many things in society, as we have changed and adapted, so too have they.If building a tree house is on your bucket list, ensure you consider the impact on the buildings around you as well as the tree you’ll be building on. Getting an opinion will ensure that you are making the right choice about which tree to use. You can also learn about what maintenance will be required. To contact Treeman Melbourne regarding any tree or stump related issues, head to http://www.treemanmelbourne.com.au/.