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5 Strange Facts About Trees

If you search on the internet, you can find an endless amount of tree facts. You can find out about the world’s tallest, shortest, fattest and most remarkable trees. In this blog, we’ve decided to cover 5 Strange Facts About Trees. Maybe some of them you knew, but we bet that you didn’t know all of them!

1. Avocado trees AKA ‘testicle trees’

It’s true! Being native to Central America, the Aztecs named avocados ‘akhuakatl’ which translates to ‘testicles’ in English. You can read more about it here!  .. next time you see an avocado tree, try to see if you can understand why they named it like that.

2. Banana trees are wood-free

That’s right. No wood! It’s hard to imagine considering the size and colour of the tree. Instead of a wooden trunk, they have a fibrous and watery stalk.

3. The Eucalyptus Trees make NSW’s Blue Mountains Blue

What does that mean? Well the eucalyptus leaves release an organic compound, which is shot up, into the sky. As the light from the sun tries to break through this layer, it creates a haze or mist which is often tinted blue. This is what gives them their name ‘the Blue Mountains’.

4. Natural Rubber is from a Tree

Yes. Rubber!! Historically, the Pará Rubber Tree used to only grow in the Amazons. Now you can find it throughout South East Asia. Upon piercing the layers of the tree, you are able to extract latex. The latex makes the rubber!

5. For Every Litre of Maple Syrup, you Need 40 Litres of Sap

It’s a lot yeah? Just to get one delicious bottle of maple syrup, the maple trees needs to have A LOT of sap. The sap is composed of 90% water and because of this, you need a lot of sap to produce any bit of maple syrup.

Well there it is! We hope that you’ve been able to learn a few things from our 5 Strange Facts About Trees. We definitely feel a little worldlier now knowing these interesting facts!