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5 Trees You Can Be Sure To Find In Melbourne – Treeman Melbourne

Melbourne is known as a place where nature and big city intertwine. Amid high-rise buildings and rows of cafes, you can find large parks and flourishing flora. So here are 5 Trees You Can Be Sure To Find In Melbourne!

1. Eucalyptus

We can’t have a list of top trees anywhere in Australia without mentioning the good ol’ Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus trees grow at a very high rate, and have spread around the city and suburbs of Melbourne with ease.

2. Banksia

In the 1700’s, Sir Joseph Banks discovered the Banksia in Australia. Since then, the species have spread right throughout Australia, with a large population in Melbourne. Its distinctive spiky, yellow flower makes the tree easy to identify, as well as adding a splash of colour to the scenery.

3. Grevillea

The Grevillea tree is a very popular tree that can be found all around Melbourne. It’s beautiful bright flowers make it perfect for adding to the aesthetics of the city, and you can see them in numerous gardens and parks in Melbourne.

4. The Lilly Pilly

The Lilly Pilly is a very popular plant across Australia, and similarly to the Grevillea, its multi-coloured leaves make it an appealing plant for many Melbournians. Another advantage of The Lilly Pilly is it’s easily maintained, which makes it ideal for city living.

5. The Golden Wattle

One final tree we cannot make it through without mentioning in of course, The Golden Wattle. This tree is synonymous with Australian flora, and can be found all around Australia. In Melbourne, these grow about 2-3 meters and are often a backyard staple for many Melbourne homes.

For more information on Melbourne City’s tree retention and removal policy, head to their website HERE.

If you are still unsure about anything regarding trees, tree removal, or any arborist services, visit us at Treeman Melbourne at http://www.treemanmelbourne.com.au/.